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Romanian-English Translation Forum

This is the place to post your translation requests in English or Romanian and to help others with your skills and knowledge. Important: Always give the context of your enquiry!
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need help with lyrics to ID song (which I think is Romanian) » answer
by tkala (UN), 2016-09-19, 22:20  Spam?  
Hello all,

This is a recording of the song.

(original reddit post is here: )

It sounds English, but the more I listen the more it sounds gibberish. I think Romanian is a possibility. Thanks for any help !
Hello  #855023
by reninand (RO/GB), 2016-09-27, 21:43  Spam?  
The song is in English.
Help translate meaninh » answer
by newbie20166, 2016-09-11, 09:32  Spam?  46.166.190....
What os the meaning?

Ce vrei ma sunt prietenul ei
Hello  #854090
by reninand (RO/GB), Last modified: 2016-09-15, 01:02  Spam?  
Translation it depends on context. I will give you more than one meaning:
  1. What do you want? I am her friend (or boyfriend).
  2. What can I do? I am her friend (or boyfriend).
  3. What you want for me to do? I am her friend (or boyfriend).
Romanian to English Translation help needed as I believe my girlfriend may want to cheat.  » answer
by Aesahaettr (UN), Last modified: 2016-09-01, 23:57  Spam?  
Hello  #854091
by reninand (RO/GB), 2016-09-15, 01:12  Spam?  
Contact me and I will help!
I need help with this Romanian To English translation please!!! Feel like my girlfriend is going back to her ex.  » answer
by Aesahaettr (UN), Last modified: 2016-09-02, 00:00  Spam?  
Hello  #854088
by reninand (RO/GB), 2016-09-15, 00:52  Spam?  
I will help you. Don't worry !
Information about a change in the guidelines regarding delete votes » answer
by Paul (AT), 2016-06-27, 17:52  Spam?  
The basic rule in GL 3 is "Always confirm the first correct posting!". So far, when there was no completely correct posting, and someone voted for a deletion, this delete vote was the first correct posting, so it had to be confirmed. However, most of the contributors understood this differently or didn't want to comply with it, for reasons I understand. In the last months this rule was challenged several times, which caused a lot of discussions. In the end I came to the conclusion that the vast majority of the community wants less strict delete rules. After discussing some text suggestions (forum: #846903), the following rule was accepted and is now effective:

+Always confirm the first correct posting! [...]
A [del] vote is considered a correct posting if no previous posting (input, vote or comment) contained...
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Can someone please translate this Romanian Song? » answer
by Umesh007, 2016-04-21, 19:21  Spam?  120.56.112....
Here's the song below with title "Ieri Erai"  by Raluka.

I tried google translator but couldn't able to understand proper meaning of this song as what google translated is not actually making meaningful sense.
Can someone please translate this song line by line? I need to understand it's meaning. thanks in advance.

Ti-am dat cam tot nu aveai nimic
Si acum ma ai ti-am pastrat loc
Dar nu ai avut curaj sa stai
Te las sa alegi intre bine si rau
Stiu ca tu esti si al ei si al meu
Dar cand te intorci, te primesc in patul meu
Erai, azi nu mai esti
Erai ca in povesti
Erai si ma aveai
Eram, erai
Ce vrei sa zici cand taci si ma privesti atent
Cand ma atingi nu esti cu mine esti absent
Si te-am iertat, chiar daca imi era greu
Ziua esti al ei si noaptea al meu
As da orice sa fie noapte mereu
Erai, azi nu mai esti
Erai ca in povesti
Erai si ma aveai
Eram, erai
Lectia de ieri e ca inima mea nu minte
Ca vrei sau nu, ea tot imi spune ce simte
Si cat as vrea nu pot sa mi te scot din minte
Inima e rece, sarutul mult prea fierbinte
Eram, erai.
for Umesh007  #841970
by reninand (RO/GB), 2016-05-02, 02:46  Spam?  
Hello, I'll try to give as much as I can from the original meaning:

Ți-am dat cam tot,                                               I gave you almost everything
N-aveai nimic și acum mă ai                                You didn't have anything and now you have me
Ți-am păstrat loc,                                                I've kept a place for you
Dar n-ai avut curaj să stai                                    But you didn't have the courage to stay.

Te las s-alegi între bine și rău                               I let you choose between good and bad
Știu că tu ești și al ei și al meu                             I know you belong to her and to me as well
Dar când te întorci te primesc în patul meu           But when you come back I welcome you in my bed

Ieri erararararararai, azi nu mai ești...
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Need help on translate » answer
by Sammike, 2016-04-17, 05:25  Spam?  182.16.234...
I want the English translation on following message which is I got from girl . Give me all possible translation please .

" Ai groja de tine dragul meu . Si nu iti fa impresii bine.? "
for Sammike  #841547
by reninand, 2016-04-27, 14:38  Spam?  81.98.78...
I'll try to get the closest meaning. So your text "Ai groja de tine dragul meu . Si nu iti fa impresii bine.?" I think is got the correct form like this: "Ai grijă de tine, dragul meu. Și nu îți face impresii, bine?" and is mean "Take care of you, my dear. And don't make yourself any beliefs (ideas), ok?"
  See you !
Ca va vad - meaning? » answer
by Archimbaldi, 2016-02-19, 18:02  Spam?  2.29.18....
Hi, I deal with a team in Romania at work and I was speaking to a lady via an instant messenger system. At the end of our conversation I said "ca va vad", thinking it meant "all the best", but she found it incredibly amusing and said I shouldn't repeat it.

Can somebody tell me what I said to this poor lady?

by arcobaleno, 2016-02-24, 08:12  Spam?  178.7.66....
I guess you wanted to say "să vă văd", short for "mă bucur să vă vad" (I'm glad to see you)  but you say this when you meet somebody personally, not on the phone or messenger.

At the end of a conversation it could be mistaken for "Abia aştept să vă văd" (I can hardly wait to see you)

Hope this helps but I'm not a native speaker of Romanian.
for Archimbaldi  #841549
by reninand (RO/GB), 2016-04-27, 14:58  Spam?  
"ca va vad" is got the correct form like "că vă văd" and is mean "because I see you"
You should give me more text but probably you tried to say "Mă bucur că vă văd" which is "I'm glad to see you !"
  See you !
Audio file translation » answer
by jy1177 (UN), Last modified: 2016-02-18, 14:45  Spam?  

Could someone help me translate this? It's an audio file from a phone call with this girl in Romania when she was interrupted, and I am curious to know what is being said in the conversation. (It's about 45 seconds) It doesn't have to be verbatim, but I would appreciate the gist of the conversation. Thanks!

Thanks again!

- Jy
song name » answer
by the_spyder, 2016-01-11, 22:46  Spam?  212.25.59....
There's a Romanian song I can't translate to myself. It's called 'Buna, ce mai zici?'. I suppose it's something like 'Hey, the perfect one, how are you?' but not sure, of course. Can someone help me, please? Thanks in advance!
by Nikos78 (RO), 2016-01-17, 14:01  Spam?  
"Buna" it's short form " Buna ziua", which is a salute, like "Hello". In Romanian, when you meet someone during the day, you salute "Buna ziua" and translated in English is " A good day". I know that in English you say this salut when someone leave..
So, it can be translated: Hello, how are you?
Please help me translate these lyrics from a song » answer
by Hampen555, 2015-09-14, 16:54  Spam?  77.218.244....
I have tried to translate these lyrics from a song with Google Translate and such services, but no luck. Maybe someone nice could help me? I'd be very grateful. :)

Imensitate, vesnicie,
Tu, haos,care toate-aduni...
In golul tau e nebunie,
Si-i faci pe toti nebuni.

Imensitae, vesnicie,
Pe cand eu tremor in delir,
Cu ce suprema ironie
Arati in fund-un cimitir.
by Riedequat (UN), 2016-06-11, 15:15  Spam?  
Something like this:

Immensity, eternity,
You, chaos, that you gather everything...
Into your void is madness,
And you make everyone insane.

Immensity, eternity,
While I am shaking deliriously,
With such a supreme irony,
You are pointing toward something in the back - a cemetery.
Please can someone translate this conversation for me?! » answer
by Lizziecircus1990, 2015-07-06, 23:28  Spam?  2.28.76....
A) Pai?
B) Pai ma tot fute aia la cap sa merg la ea
B) si ma duc pana la urma
A) Pai nu vine ea ma?
B) O zis ca Mai bine merg io
B) Ca sa Stau mai mult la ea
A) no iauzi
A) tre sa te apuci de strans cash
B) ma cac sa imi iau biletu de avion si sa am cv prin buzunar de ochii lumii
A) pai pana ajungi acolo ca dupiata ma grandesc ca te tine pana iti gasesti de lucru
B) pai da cum
b) Stau cu ea si cu masa
B) bag si in masa daca mere
A) ba mai degraba ar fi asa, iti iei femeie cu bani plm Numa bine
Help! » answer
by CosmoBC, 2015-03-31, 18:46  Spam?  96.54.14...
I need the proper translation for the following:

My Sister ... My Heart

I found an online translation that says "Sora Mea, Inima Mea" but things don't always translate literally. My Romanian Father died so I've lost my link to this beautiful language of my heritage.

by piridoxal, 2015-04-14, 19:23  Spam?  62.1.85....
i think "Sora mea, inima mea" is correct, but i'm not romanian native.
to CosmoBC  #842670
by reninand (RO/GB), 2016-05-08, 14:12  Spam?  
"My Sister ... My Heart" is mean exactly "Sora mea ... Inima mea".
The entire meaning is depend of the context but most probably is: "I love my sister like my own heart".
If you want to remake the link with the beautiful romanian language just write to me at vasilerobert20004;
See you !!!
by Ginac7 (UN), Last modified: 2015-03-15, 12:45  Spam?  
» answer
2 audio files in romanian to translate to english pls » answer
by lcs-translate (UN), Last modified: 2015-02-15, 17:18  Spam?  

Can you please translate these 2 short audio files to english. it are only a few seconds long.

here are the 2 links:

by aship (UN), 2015-02-23, 04:03  Spam?  
1. Come quickly, see this.

2. Look how many he/she has.
pls translate this for me :D » answer
by Tweetee (UN), 2015-01-11, 00:26  Spam?  
"Have you had sex with your wife?"
Help » answer
by VMC, 2014-12-26, 11:47  Spam?  86.1.106....
Hi, can you please help me translate this sentence to English?

Asa da bratara vrau si io da sa fie de aur
bracelet  #787911
by aship (UN), Last modified: 2015-02-05, 01:34  Spam?  
That's a nice bracelet, I also want one but it has to be gold.
Help me in translation » answer
by Leaker, 2014-11-09, 08:17  Spam?  2.86.15...
Din pacate, Jens mi-a picat rau cu tronc, dar nimic bun nu va iesi de aici...tipul este prea chinuit de trecutul lui,este un amalgam de iubite in sufletul lui care indracite il urmaresc si il considera natzi si egoist :-)... ma respinge cu toate puterile lui si sincera sa fiu, e prea complicat pentru mine, deja incalcita in propriile temeri...

Please help me to understand what this very important for me.
Thank you in advance
Please help me translating! » answer
by KateVasy, 2014-09-27, 00:38  Spam?  176.123.128...
Please help me translating this text, I would be very, very grateful!!

Proiectul urmator are ca obiect principal realizarea de foto "morphing". Adica un set de fotografii facute intotdeauna de la aceiasi distanta, cu acelasi decor si cu aceiasi persoana, obiect, etc.
Rezultatul trebuie sa fie fluid, rafinat, cu o editare a imaginii suficient de bine facuta astfel incat imaginea sa nu sufere "sacadari". As dori sa primesc un morphing demonstrativ cu cateva fotografii (6-8 -10), si un pret pentru 100, 200, 300, 400, si 500 de fotografii. Multumesc.
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